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Placebo - God's in Crisis

A Little Trading and Cover Art Site

all cover art is from silver cd or made by M (all 'ticket covers')
all scans are 150 dpi

if you have silver cds or master clones for trade, let me know, no trade on tape or dat

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Cover ArtDateSetlistRecord(s)Remarks
Angst (the demos)
Strange Medicine
Live Sessions 2CD
Rarities B-Sides Remixes
With or Without You
More Black Market Music
Palefaced Moments
Taste of 2000
Greatest Hits '2001
Star Profile
95-xx-xxDemos: Nancy, Teenage, 36, Paycheck, Flesh, BruiseAngst (the demos) 
96-xx-xxDemos: Home, I Know, Nancy, TeenageAngst (the demos) 
96-07-18Phoenix Festival: 36Angst (the demos) 
97-xx-xxGlastonbury Festival: Bruise, NancyAngst (the demos) 
98-08-08Benicassim Festival: Bionic, 36, James Bond, Bruise, Teenage, LadyStrange Medicine 
98-10-18Academy, Manchester, UK (FM): Scared, Brick, Care, 36, Without, Every, Bruise, Nance, Pure, Slacker, TeenageLive Sessions 2CD 
98-10-27Black Sessions, Paris, France (FM): Scared, Brick, Allergic, Care, Prince, Every, Pure, NancyLive Sessions 2CD,
Strange Medicine
Strange Medicine has better sound quality
98-xx-xxMTV Studio: Pure, Teenage (piano), AllergicStrange Medicine 
99-05-02Radio 21 Studio, Brussels, Belgium (FM): Teenage, Crawl, Every, Prince, Holocaust, Answers, SummerLive Sessions 2CD,
Rarities B-Sides Remixes (Crawl only)
99-07-11Park Festival, Kinross, Scotland: Allergic, Care, Bionic, 36, Without, Every, Lady, PureWith or Without You 
99-07-17"Overdrive", Germany (TV): Pure, Allergic, Every, Nancy, Care, Without, LadyWith or Without You 
99-xx-xxSoundfondation Studio, Germany (TV): Every, Nancy, Pure, Care, Without, TeenageLive Sessions 2CD 
00-08-12Arenes de Nimes: Black, Days, Allergic, Care, Bionic, Slave, Passive, 36, K, Without, Every, Teenage, Nance, PureMore Black Market Music 
00-08-18Bizarre Festival Weeze: Black, Days, Allergic, Care, Slave, Bionic, Passive, 36, K, Taste, Nancy, PurePalefaced Moments,
Taste of 2000
00-11-27Stuttgart, Schleyerhalle 2: Intro, Black, Days, Allergic, Scared, Haemo, Bionic, 36, Passive, Prince, Levi, Every, K, Without, Slave, Teenage, Narco, Tom, Taste, Nancy, Pure DAT ->CD>CD
01-03-17Offenbach, Stadthalle: Intro, Haemo, Days, Allergic, Care, Scared, 36, Passive, Happy Birthday, Leni, Mo, Every, Without, Slave, K, Taste, Prince, Levi, Tom, Black, Nancy, Pure Sharp 701+Sony ECM 717 ->CD
01-06-29St. Gallen Open Air (FM): Taste, Haemo, Days, Allergic, Scared, Bionic, Passive, Leni, Mo, Every, Without, Slave, K, Levi, Tom, Black, Pure live broadcast on DRS 3 (->MD>CD)
95-01A-Sides (non album versions) & B-SidesAngst (the demos),
Greatest Hits '2001,
Live Sessions 2CD,
Palefaced Moments,
Rarities B-Sides Remixes,
Star Profile
95-01Album TracksAngst (the demos),
Greatest Hits '2001,
Live Sessions 2CD,
Palefaced Moments,
Rarities B-Sides Remixes,
Star Profile


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